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Group Founder: adeeb222
Description: This is only for gta fans like me and you have to play atleast two gta to enter
Group Type: Public join
Members: 32
Category: Games > General

Topics (6)

go Which GTA have you played? (13) funtikar
I know some people haven't play some of the other gta including me XD..list down gta games you have played ,chronologically..mine i think I played GTA SA 1st(at cybercafe),GTA 2 on psone,GTA Vice City...

go Whoever joins the group (0) adeeb222
First tell that you joined so i can ask what you need etc etc

go Gta vcs atlast (3) adeeb222
Two days before i brought lcs and now gta vcs lcs is a little boring i dont...

go Gta vcs and lcs review by me (2) adeeb222
I will tell my experience with this games

go Gta san andreas (10) theviper
Ok let's put you to the test. You said ask for anything and we'll get it . So here goes I want Gta san andreas reboot on the ps3 and xbox360 make it happen lmao

go Anything you want (1) adeeb222
Ask for anything you want and you will get it cheats, mods, glitches, etc just create a thread and you get it

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go Which is you favourite gta